Top Selling GRIP MD Tennis Racquet Overgrip Grip Trainer | Rapidly Improve Serve, Volley and Slice Grips | for Adults, Kids and Players of All Levels | Fits All Racquets


FOR PLAYERS OF ANY LEVEL AND ANY AGE – trains beginners and more experienced players to use the right grip and prevent the grip from slipping while playing. Ideally sized for adult and youth players aged 8 years old and up. Travel case included!
IMPROVE YOUR GAME FAST – learn the most important grip in tennis! The continental grip is used for the majority of shots – serve, volley, slice, lobs, drop shots and more! Forming muscle memory for the proper grip leads to rapid improvement.
LEARN TO SERVE WITH MORE POWER AND CONSISTENCY – training with the proper grip and learning to prevent grip from slipping helps achieve higher levels of power, control and spin for serves.
DESIGNED AND ENDORSED BY PROS – training tool designed by top tennis coaches and former top ten players in the world, James Blake and John Isner.
WORKS WITH ALL RACQUETS – high density PE plastic training grip is easy to put on and fits on all racquets. Fits all handle sizes, including 4 1/2″ & 4 3/8″ with no overgrip, 4 1/4″ with one overgrip, or 4 1/8″ with two overgrips.

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