Promotion Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach. Industry’s First at-Home Tennis Training System. Trains 30 Different Shots for Adults, Kids, and Players of All Levels. Rapidly Improves Performance and Lasts Forever.


SELF-TRAINING TENNIS SYSTEM: Ball-striking practice can increase Sweet Spot hits for all levels by over 40%. Our tennis training equipment can dramatically improve power, accuracy, and spin control for overall and lasting improvement.
PERFECT TENNIS PRACTICE: Improve the most crucial part of your tennis game: quality ball-striking at the point of contact. You can also achieve cardio exercise from 17 workout videos that add great practice variety.
RAPIDLY IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS: Just 5 minutes of Eye Coach practice a day retrains your brain, eye, and body to produce consistent Sweet Spot hits. This quickly improves your swing and confidence, especially when you are stressed.
DESIGNED BY MULTISKILLED PROFESSIONALS: Created by eye specialists and motor-memory and tennis experts to be your personal tennis trainer and ball machine, this system is portable and easy to assemble with a 32–39-inch adjustable, oscillating arm.
IMPROVE TODAY & FOREVER: Billie Jean King’s gift to tennis: a tennis training system trusted and used worldwide by clubs, professionals, and trainers. Our tennis practice equipment focuses on overall improvement that you can see on the court.

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