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EFFORTLESS PICKUP: Don’t let ball pickup spoil your love of the game. The Pop-It is an easy to use tennis ball collector that is ideal for new players, seniors, players with limited mobility, and anyone who wants to spare their back from the chore of picking up balls.
SAVE TIME, PLAY MORE: Spend less time bending over to pick up balls and putting strain on your back; use the Pop-It and keep your game moving between rallies.
POP IT, GRIP IT: Grippers inside the Pop-It grab the ball so you can easily pick it up with the handle of your racket. Guaranteed to get the job done with a lifetime pickup promise.
FITS ALL STANDARD RACKETS: Securely attaches to the end of all adult-sized tennis rackets without any interference to grip or swing. Its compact size travels easily with your racket: size 1-7/8″ tall, base 2-5/8″ wide, handle 1-1/2″ tall, weight .14oz.
GREAT TEACHING AID: Used by tennis coaches and instructors, the Pop-It can turn tedious ball pickup into a fun exercise or game. When it’s time to refill the hopper, students can work on footwork and eye-hand coordination, even while picking up balls.

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