Attractive Model VPX Tennis Swing Trainer Increases Power, Exit Ball Velocity, Shot Accuracy, & Serve Speed, Improves Forehand, Backhand, Slice, & Compression Racket Torque, for Men, Women, Boys, Girls, & Kids


UNLOCKS POWER & VELOCITY IN ALL YOUR TENNIS SHOTS: Our swing trainer is used by 20+ college tennis teams & man top pros, as well as over 200,000 athletes worldwide. Increases lower half drive force & support, braces your back hip for shot impact, optimizes linear-to-rotational planes, & stops premature hip rotation. Learn to blast tennis balls off your racket the pro way!
UNLEASHES YOUR MAXIMUM POTENTIAL: Combines with other tennis training aid, equipment, or method – machine throwers, hopper, rebounder machines, net drills, band drills, sleeve bar circuits, rebound drills, or any pitchback. Whatever type of rackets, pads, bags, or sleeves you use – grab them & start training with our training enhancer for tennis!
EASY TO USE. NO LEARNING CURVE. BEGINNER TO ADVANCED: Takes 60sec to put on. Kids to Adults. Can be used for racketball, paddle ball, or badminton. Compliments weight, speed, & strength accessories! Can be a gift for any aspiring tennis star! Strap it on & brace yourself for the power & efficiency unlock!
INCLUDES TUTORIALS, HOW TO VIDEOS, DRILLS, & PROGRAMMING: Everything you need to start optimizing your game is included – tutorials, videos, drills, and more. Includes a sport specific strength program that will build your arms, legs, forearm, bicep, elbow, wrist, & lower half support! This will provide relief from tendonitis, nerve, ulnar, arm, & flex injuries that are common in the game of tennis.

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