At Unbeatable Price Tennis Racket for Kids by Street Tennis Club. Proper Equipment Helps You Learn Faster and Play Better!


Raise the Next Williams – Get your child started on a sport they can play from now into old age. Their specially sized kids racket is easy for them to manage and helps them build good fundamentals.
A Healthy Beginning – Measure your kid’s reach and select a child’s tennis racket sized perfectly for their ergonomics. Ensure a fun experience without excessive strain on their muscles or joints.
Coaching Included – Teach your child the rules of the game, proper technique, and key body mechanics. Your tennis set for kids includes educational videos curated by an accredited pro tennis coach.
Built to Bash – Choose the tennis racket kids won’t break on day 1! Your child’s ready-for-rowdy racket has an aluminum frame, unique graphics, thick polyester strings, and a grippy neoprene handle.
Street Tennis Club – Join our family of racket-sport enthusiasts and get younger generations hooked. Your tennis rackets for kids is backed by our commitment to your child’s personal development.

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