At Unbeatable Price 19″ 23″ Kids Junior Tennis Racquet for Kids Toddlers Starter Racket, Boys Girls Tennis Rackets with Racket Cover,Sports Wristbands, Headgear


【Suitable for age 】 Kids between 2 and 5 years.A children’s tennis racket suit with a beautiful appearance and good quality. Hope to bring greater happiness to your children.
【 Package include 】1x tennis racket, 1x racquet cover, 1x white overgrip, 1x vibration damper(random color),1x Children’s sports wrist,1x Children’s sports headgear
【Lightweight 】Weight : about 200g / Length: 19 inches / Head size: 77 sq in/ Grip size: 4 inch ( It is easy for Children to hold and swing)
【Warm design 】First of all, we use a tennis racket designed with children’s cartoon patterns as the theme, which is more in line with children’s aesthetics. We use high-quality materials to reduce the vibration of the tennis racket and improve the stability of the racket. We use an integrated technology. Make the tennis racket more durable.
【Sports tips 】Tennis sport can develop children a good physical coordination skill,But be sure to warm up before exercise to avoid injury. We also equip your children with wrist braces and headbands to better protect them during sports. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

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